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Top trends in furniture in 2009

We like to follow the trends when it comes to the interior design in our home, just like we do when it comes to fashion. Our house is the place where we relax, but also it makes a statement on our uniqueness. So, when we decide to redesign our apartment we should find out what are the current trends, so we can choose the best one for our home. Furniture fashion is something like clothing fashion, it's a question of inclination and our own distinctive style, it's the choice of a product that makes us feel a certain way. Below, you can find a few of the trends in furniture in 2009. Strong mix and match colors This year, no more neutral colors, highlighted by bold colored accents! This trend is exactly the opposite. Buy a eye catching red sofa for your apartment. It's a good idea to choose ripe tomato red, scarlet, ruby or cherry. If you don't like red, you can go for pastel green, or light blue furniture. As for accessories, look for earth-toned, brown colored pillows. You should have in mind not to use too many bold colors, because it would bee too much. Ethnic furniture Again, ethnic inspired furniture, is fashionable. Some of the most stylish furniture is the Moroccan and African inspired furniture. Some of the decorations you can go for to get an ethnic atmosphere are dark weaved wicker or rattan products, items made of bamboo or African drums or Mexican tea sets. If you you don't want to make an investment in accent pieces then you can make them yourself. For example make a picture frame from wood. Super size furniture Interior decorators think that proportions are to be considered. But trends move forward and things like odd number of shelving are becoming interesting, the same goes for big furniture. Buy an over sized sectional. Don't forget to leave sufficient space in your floor plan so that your house will not look crowded. Hollywood Regency Another eye catching trend this year is the Hollywood inspired decorating. This style, that was created in the 30s, reappeared during the last few years. The style is glamorous, classy and elegant. The fabrics used are sumptuous and extravagant, the finishes are iridescent, the furniture has lot of mirrors, clean lines and strong colors. This stylish Hollywood inspired trend adheres to a lavish interpretation of minimalist design. Minimalist black and white The combination between black and white is always stylish. It's not crucial what style you want to decorate your flat in. Do you like the modern and minimalist style? Maybe you fancy the rococo, and prefer sophisticated patterns and details? Minimalist black and white will be perfect for any of these decoration styles. You should think of how you want the final product to look, so that your home will not look boring. A good advice is to think about three aspects, that is wall color, furniture and accessories. Try not to use too much of the same color, and don't forget about balance. If there is too much black, the flat might look too sad, and if the main color is white it might look like a hospital. When it comes to accessories black and white pictures are always a good choice. Also you can have fun mixing and matching black and white items when you buy accessories as candles, paintings or rugs. These are the most interesting trends this year. We advise you not to choose too many of them at the same time, the best idea would be to choose just one or two. If you don't trust your instincts when it comes to getting it right, hire a specialist, so that the result will be without doubt a eye catching flat. We hope our tips were helpful and that you will decorate your apartment in one of the hottest trends in 2009.

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