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Do you expect future mobile phones?

We have become a society that demands the most technologically advanced equipment and mobile phones are no exception. Here's why the mobile phone industry is changing rapidly. Today's phones are quite impressive, with lots of bells and whistles, but wait, the future of mobile phones, like something out of a sci fi movie. Who would have dreamed that we'd come so far in so short a time? The future of mobile phones are so compact that you need a Beeper only to find out where you left them. Current phones are incredibly small, but they are going to get even smaller. You will be able to buy a mobile phone, watch, and you have a headset to talk. Of course, it will be all voice activated. Phones that are just a small screen with wireless headset are also on the horizon. Cellular market believes that if the price is right, you throw away the old dial-up systems and the use of intra-cellular communication, as well as your mobile phone. That is why the company is to create a very futuristic full-size handset that plugs into your cell. Ideal for long conversations at home. I know your thinking, well, that nice, but it is not so far away. ButWait! More great news. Your cell phone will be your garage door opener and a universal remote for your TV. Yes that right! Like everything in one. It also intends to work as a remote control car start new vehicles equipped with the technology. So, let's see. You can turn on your TV in the morning update, start your car in the middle of a warm winter, and then drive on to work at, all the while talking to your pal. Now that's pretty impressive! Hold on! Only when the thought that there could be nothing more, there is! Their mobile phones will be equipped with MP3 player, DVD player, mini-games machine. Everything at your fingertips. So when your board to tears, at work, or waiting for the appointment, you will have your hand full entertainment system. Nowadays phones come equipped with mostcell digital camera. Remember all the oohs and aahs that the technology reached the market. Well this is better, you are going to have a video camera built into your phone, which will be good for 10 to 20 minutes of record time. Wait, there's more! Cell phones will be able to read RFID tags, which are cheap disposable tags that contain information about the product. Store items in the future to all these words, and your phone will have built-in RFID reader, so you can quickly access information about the product. Sounds like a live person on the day to help you to become a thing of the past. There is even talk that these devices can checkout thing of the past. Of course, that would mean we also have a cashless society. I know we are almost there now. You scan an item in the store, then to prove the purchase button. Say goodbye to a long line to check the UPS. But wait, they want to take one more step! Their mobile phones to act as your electronic wallet style payments. You will be able to access their bank accounts and credit cards with a touch of a button. Currently, we have received an e-mail and some limited online functions, can be found on our cell phones, but that will change everything! Your mobile phone has become the smallest computer ever built. I will let you do everything you can do for your tabletop, the advantage of mobility. The list goes on and on. Cell industry creative juices flowing fast. With wireless communication systems, such as blue tooth market, the flood gates opened. Your cellular technology beyond your wildest dreams. Prepare the area were Twilights.

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