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8 Things You Must Do To Beat Procrastination

Stop Collecting Information It’s been proven in business that we spend up to 80% of our time on “Busy Tasks” that have nothing to do with making money. We load ourselves with endless tasks, but at the end of the day we have really accomplished very little. This avoiding the “Income Tasks” will only prolong our success and feed our procrastination. Do you need to rethink how you spend your time? Learn to Accept Responsibilities Procrastination is a recognized monstrous problem. And the only way to solve and get rid of this problem is to know and accept that you are responsible for your actions or what you make in life. Learn how to accept challenges and be brave enough to be a leader for yourself. Your Vision and Setting Goals Another good way to beat procrastination is to know or identify your vision and goals for your life. As soon as you have these two, you can start forming a path in order to achieve it. Same goes with even smaller tasks or responsibilities. Until you know what you want to achieve, you will never be able to let go of procrastination. Face Your Fears Why do we procrastinate? Fear. We are afraid of people perceiving what we do as failure. However, fears should not be hindering you to achieve your goals. Most successful people become successful because they never quit, even when they make mistakes. They take these as learning curves for success. More Mistakes means More Opportunities and the more you are trying. Just Do It Doing the things you need to do takes commitment. In order to cut lose from the chains of procrastination, you need to be determined in achieving your goal by any means available. Without having second thoughts or any doubts, just do what you need to do and do it with passion or not at all. Reduce Stress Studies show that removing procrastination in your vocabulary could also mean reducing stress. The longer you think about doing something, but delaying it, the more stressed you become because the agony still lingers. If you are dedicated to doing a task today, do it now. Don’t put it off later when you can finish it today. The Battle Begins in Your Mind Change your Attitude! Most of us procrastinate and fail, because our minds have already told us that we have failed. Be strong your negative thoughts and stop them in their tracks as soon as they start. These are not needed and if you keep focused and positive in your mind, you will achieve more. Plan and Believe After you have identified what you need to do or what your task is for the day, make a plan on how to achieve these tasks. Although planning and believing are just two ingredients or factors that help you reach your goals, it is important to include it, so you have a clearer path and process. Of course planning and believing is not enough until you take action on these tasks. We have only just touched the surface on procrastination, if you would like to learn more and receive extensive information on procrastination please sign up to our membership series, you can do this now by going too:

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