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Develop A Manifest Mindset

Develop a manifest mindset; that’s what you want to do. The problem is, what are you trying to manifest? People are trying to manifest jobs, nice clothes, cars, homes and even winning the lottery. However, most of all, you need to manifest yourself! Explanations about the Law of Attraction and in developing a manifest mindset have become over-simplified and reduced to describing the Universe as being not much more than a mere waiter who will enthusiastically bring to your table anything you wish for from the menu of your desires. AS IF! Your affirmations and visualizations are not made in a vacuum; they must “pass though” who you are. If you have subconscious negative feelings about yourself, your worth, your confidence or your abilities, you can affirm and visualize until you’re blue in the face; you’ll continue to receive what you’ve been getting before. In your attempt to develop a manifest mindset, you need to first manifest yourself. By “manifest yourself,” I mean that your greatest desire is to become a person of attraction, that has the personal qualities and strengths that people are attracted to. To reach this level of being a person of attraction means you will have to do the necessary hard work. Ah, but most people don’t want to hear this. They want another quick and easy approach that will rescue them from the circumstances that they have created. It’s those that are willing to work on themselves, looking at and then learning from the issues that are revealed from courageous and fearless self-examination that experience the power to manifest their desires. They seek to first develop who they are before they seek things. Their manifest mindset focuses on their personal growth. James Allen, the writer of As A Man Thinketh, says this about seeking personal growth and the work that is required: "Many people are anxious to improve circumstances, but are unwilling to improve themselves, they therefore remain bound." Then I read folks trying to manifest winning the lottery; amazing. If all this manifesting was so easy, we would be bumping into millionaires all day. Your affirmations and visualizations must past through you first. Develop the right manifest mindset. You can be given the greatest tools in the world, but if you haven’t developed the proper skills in woodworking, then that Adirondack chair that you just made won’t be able to support a cat. The tools are only as good as the one who works them. Your manifest mindset needs to be focused on manifesting powerful attraction qualities. Learning to apply the Law of Attraction and developing a manifest mindset is a life-long journey and not some switch that you can turn on and off at will. It’s a matter of self-discovery where you seek personal growth so that you become a person of attraction vs. someone who is actually stuck where he’s always been, and has nothing left but tricks and gimmicks, hoping to manifest real life. Here are some “steps” that you can take so that you become a person of attraction who is manifesting him/herself to the universe as someone aligned with and in sync with the principles of the Law of Attraction: * Diligently seek personal growth * Be willing to pay the emotional and psychological price of self-discovery and growth * Develop a list of attractive personal qualities before you develop the list of what possessions you want * Practice “unglamorous” and unspectacular personal traits like smiling often, giving firm handshakes, praising others, being “quick to hear and slow to speak,” walking with your head held high and shoulders back and being relentlessly positive and grateful.Much of what will enable you to become a person of attraction with a powerful manifest mindset are simple, down-to-earth personal traits that teachers and parents tried to instill in you; qualities that are hardly a “Secret.” The light that shines through your words, eyes and spirit is the most powerful and profound expression of a manifest mindset that is seen in a human being. At times this process is hard work, if not painful. Other times it will be a glorious feeling of being in harmony with God/The Universe that moves you to tears. Then again, much of it will be fun!

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