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5 Reasons For How Adirondack Patio Furniture Can Help With Transitional Spaces

When carefully planned, a transitional space can shine in directing how people flow through a space. Don't see transitions as areas that must be traversed to see the best parts of your garden; instead, see transitional zones as opportunities to express your own style. This article explores why Adirondack furniture is a great choice for transitional spaces in your garden. To take a step back, any space that links one "garden room" to another may be considered a transitional space. Side yards, gates, doorways, arches, and steps are a few examples of transitional areas. There are many ways to delineate transitional zones from outdoor living spaces. As an example, an arched trellis makes a great threshold transition between two garden rooms - with honeysuckle growing on it, this feature would practically magnetize visitors to the next room. Decks may also be considered transitional areas, as they link indoor and outdoor zones. If you have a deck or other spacious transitional area in your yard, area such Adirondack Patio Furniture is a great addition, for the reasons listed below. 1. Adirondack Furniture is Available in a Rainbow of Colors. The human eye delights in repetition, and seeing the same aqua blue in two different spots is pleasing for most people. It's easy to match Adirondack patio furniture to nearby color schemes, since Adirondack furniture is made in many different colors. Moreover, Adirondack furniture is easy to paint or stain whatever color best matches your home's exterior. 2. Adirondack Furniture Stands Up to the Elements and is Easy to Store. These days, Adirondack patio furniture is made from recycled plastic as well as wood. Timbers such as cedar, teak, and hemlock are favorites for Adirondack furniture. All of these species are especially weather resistant, especially with regular refinishing and staining. Adirondack furniture that's made of recycled plastic, in contrast, requires virtually no maintenance to look good year after year. Adirondack furniture is durable, which is a necessity in outdoor items. If you plan on storing your Adirondack furniture over the winter, you'll be delighted to learn that space-saving folding Adirondack chairs are now available. 3. Adirondack Furniture is Beautiful Enough for Indoor Use. Beauty is a "must-have" in transitional spaces, since people are naturally drawn toward attractive sights. Adirondack furniture has a classic beauty to it; indeed, many designers are now bringing this classic outdoor furniture indoors, out of love for its timeless style. Lure visitors from one garden room to another with Adirondack furniture. 4. Adirondack Furniture Looks Great with Plants. Include plenty of plants in your transitional spaces, to soften harsh lines and add visual interest. Virtually all people prefer walking down a plant-lined path over tromping through a bland, blank patch of dirt and weeds. Adirondack furniture compliments plants, with its natural finish and sweeping style. 5. Adirondack Furniture Doesn't Obstruct the View. Designers recommend maintaining sight lines between garden rooms. Open lines of sight give the impression of additional space while also providing a tempting sneak peak of what lies ahead. Adirondack furniture is low to the ground, so it doesn't distract from the enticing views in your transitional spaces. We're often reminded to focus on the journeys, not just the destinations in life. Well, in garden design the transitional zones represent that "journey" from one space to another. Make the most of that journey with Adirondack furniture.

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