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Exo Force Legos...the Myth Behind The Toys

Founded on the trendy mecha genre from Japanese manga and anime, Exo-Force LEGOS are LEGO toylines derived from the popular genre. Exo-Force is the very first time LEGO has dedicated an entire toyline to the current theme, previous to this, mecha lovers have extensively utilized LEGO components to build each original brand new designs and their interpretations of classic mecha. The storylines most important point is to teach children that with teamwork, anything can be accomplished....the Soap Oprea-ish storyline has an appeal that kid's find irresistible. In their combat against an army of wicked robots, the narrative of Exo-Force is an continuing story portraying heroic young pilots who use combat machines and collaboration to overcome tremendous odds. On Sentai Mountain, there was a diplomatic culture where innovative robots and the traditional means of life went hand in hand. But one day, a golden robot named Meca One directed the robots to rebel in opposition to the humans. Conflicts amongst the humans and robots broke out, unleashing uncontainable energies that split the mountain in 2. The robots were cast into the gorge of the mountain by the human beings once they were warded off. The human beings designed bridges to link the 2 halves of the mountain. The most significant bridge they designed was the Tenchi (?? "heaven & earth") Bridge. Sensei Keiken promptly began to form armored battle machines for security fearing, like many of other humans, that the robots would possibly come back one day. With a surprise raid, the robot legions, equipped with battle machines of their own, rapidly seized hegemony over the southern half of the mountain before the humans' preparations were finalized. Wielding even more power than ever, the robots plan was to fully push humanity from Sentai Mountain. Sensei Keiken on the spur of the moment recruited new-found pilots to man the battle machines and Exo- Force was born. Even though Exo-Force Legos has several members, the LEGO sets target the following characters. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hikaru ------- Hikaru is an mind-blowing marksman and abundantly trained at above ground combat Takeshi ------- Takeshi is a modestly extreme, serious, and vicious. Crushing robots and their battle machines into small little elements is the one thing Takeshi lives for. Ryo ----- With a real aptitude for technological improvisation in a crisis, Ryo is amazingly gifted at engineering and repair work. Ha-Ya-To ------------- Ha-Ya-To likes to take to the air, may be a clown, and is daring. Keiken ---------- Keiken is Exo-Force's elderly and intelligent guide and was the architect of Meca One, the robot who later directed the revolt opposed to the human race. Hitomi --------- Hitomi is the Granddaughter of Sensei Keiken, Hitomi demonstrated an aptitude for mechanical work from an early age. Meca One -------------- Meca One is cold, ruthless, and supercilious. Now the ultimate leader of the robot militia, Meca One was the first robot to rise up against the human beings. Devastators ---------------- Devastators are underhanded, sneaky, and vindictive. These silver robots are the cream of the crop foot soldiers of the robot insurgence. Iron Drones ----------------- Well-built and heavy-duty are these Iron Drones. As the foot troopers for the robot army, they are especially obedient at following orders, but awful at improvising in an unexpected scenario or devising any type of stratagem. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ For people who have youngsters begging and pleading for Exo Force Legos, the subsequent listing of Exo- Force LEGOS are merely a few of the more standard playsets in recent times and includes every established official names found on packaging or within the official LEGO website and magazine. For the past 4-5 years, At this time is a listing of only some of the more popular Exo Force Legos playsets. 7700 Stealth Hunter-Exo Force Legos set - Protected by a first of its kind stealth outside layer that makes it unnoticed to sensors, the Stealth Hunter employs its ultra-light exo-glider wings to take flight undetected behind enemy lines and get rid of the robot targets employing its twin-blade electro-sword and high point-precision laser rifle. 7701 Grand Titan - The Grand Titan is sturdily armored with 20 cm (8") of intractium armor. It is equipped with a gyratory laser cannon and an electro-magnetic pulse (EMP) "Fang" pincer. 7702 Thunder Fury - Amazingly quick given its dimensions and 20 cm (8") of tenatium armor, the Thunder Fury's titanium razorblade powersaw (v2.zero) and automatic high-density laser cannon make it a serious threat to the human beings of Sentai Mountain. 7712 Supernova - Powered by the sun, the Supernova uses its sun-powered laser staff and twin-barreled laser cannon to vanquish the robots. 7713 Bridge Walker vs. White Lightning - Ha-Ya-To pilots the White Lightning, an especially-quick flying battle apparatus equipped with twin mechanism cannons and a disk launcher, to take on Meca One's gigantic Bridge Walker, a massive war machine armed with lasers, cannons, and missiles. 7714 Golden Guardian - The Golden Guardian is a legendary war mechanism that has been assigned to Ha-Ya-To who uses it to guard the Golden Tower. 8100 Cyclone Defender - Discovered by Ryo within the Golden Tower, the Cyclone Defender has 6" of zaylium armor, a variable-pulse blaster and revolving bladed defense shield. 8101 Claw Crusher - These mass-produced mini fighting machines are equipped with revolving blaster cannons, armored with 8" of tenatium armor, and huge ripping claws, and are a terrible threat in close combat. 8102 Blade Titan - With an arsenal of professional quality weaponry together with a double-bladed assault shield that expands and gyrates automatically and a multi-barreled proton cannon, this war apparatus is extraordinarily reinforced with 12" of zaylium armor. Combined models Uniting 2 or more war machines to form a super combat machine is one of the features of the Exo-Force Legos toy line. * Mountain Warrior (7700 and 7701) [2] Exo Force Legos * Raging Storm (7702 and 7703) [3] Exo Force Legos * Robot Reaper 1.0 (7700 and 7703) [4] Exo Force Legos * Blazing Hunter (7700 and 7703) [5][6] Exo Force Legos * Magnalink (7706 and 7709) [7] [8] Exo Force Legos * Sky Titan (8100, 8102, and 8103) [9] Exo Force Legos * Iron Crusher (8101, 8104, and 8105) [10] Exo Force Legos * River Dragon + Chameleon Hunter (8111, and 8114) [11] Exo Force Legos * Battle Arachnoid + Dark Panther (8112, and 8115) [12] Exo Force Legos * Assault Tiger + Chameleon Hunter (8113 and 8114) [13] Exo Force Legos * Dark Panther + Storm Lasher (8115 and 8117) [14] Exo Force Legos In closing...While keeping him/her physically active, Exo Force Legos ,and Legos in general are one of the very few toys that arouse a kid's psyche and inventiveness. There must be THOUGHT before any action can occur. Exo Force Legos are great kid's toys for invigorating thought and then furnishing the kid the tools to take his/her creative thought and manifesting it into action by constructing superb creations.

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