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Experience The Thrill Of Barзa: Fc Barcelona Tickets Online

If you're ever lucky enough to be in Barcelona on a weekend when the world famous football club is playing at home then - at least if you are a football lover - you should definitely go for an experience that is likely to stay with you for your lifetime. The buzz before the match takes place is electric, but when the players get onto the pitch and the "Barзa hymn" blasts out of the loudspeakers the fervour gets racked up a notch or two; when the players start to show what they can do and eventually score, as they do most of the time, then that fervour becomes a frenzy of adulation for the players. The 2010-2011 season was another fantastic result for Pep Guardiola and his players and it is the second time that under his stewardship Barзa has lifted the Champions League trophy. It is also the third time that Guardiola's team has lifted the Spanish League trophy in as many years and while the Copa del Rey went to arch-rival Real Madrid, two out of three ain't bad! In the off season, as it is at the time of writing, the papers are full of transfer rumours which keeps the sports writers busy although it isn't like being able to watch the beautiful game every week. For others it is a relief to have a break from the weekly matches and see their spouses instead. After the 2010 World Cup, which had an impressive tally of Barзa players in the lineup for the final including new signing David Villa, the players were really fired up for the start of the season. Match after match went to Barcelona including the impressive - or depending on your point of view, humiliating - 5-0 victory over Real Madrid in the eagerly anticipated "clasico" at the Bernabeu stadium in Madrid. They had several matches in which they scored 5 goals, but their maximum score was 8-0 against Almeria. One of the keys to Barcelona's success is the high possession and undoubtedly high fitness levels of the squad to maintain that. They are almost always a joy to watch, with the ball kept in possession for long periods at a time and frequently seeing 70 percent possession. Passed from player to player they just control the match until an opportunity presents itself, which it almost always, sooner or later, does. Lionel Messi in particular is something to watch with some moments of completely sublime football. He can create moments of pure magic, whether they work out or not and always makes entertaining football. And while Carles Puyol has been out for some time due to injury he has recently undergone further surgery and expected to recover within 2 months, well in time for the start of the 2011/12 season. Of course all that is appreciated by Barcelona's fans, or Cules as they are known. When the Barзa squad is on the pitch it's as if everyone's cares in the world have fallen away as they forget about real life and You can experience the atmosphere and excitement of the Nou Camp too by buying FC Barcelona tickets online. That way you avoid disappointment and get to see one of the best football teams in the world today.

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